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  • 1 Would you like a true Italian pizza?
    To make pizza really taste like it should do, we bake our pizzas on wood. The same importance is on quality and original ingredients. Come to taste the original to our restaurant. We make our customer´s dreams come true for more than 22 years. You can try our great kitchen daily since 10am until midnight. Our restaurant is air-conditioned. If you need to stay longer, we offer accommodation in our guest-house.
  • 2 Pleasant accommodation with a good access to the city center
    We offer quality accommodation in five double and two triple bed rooms and one apartment. Rooms are large and comfortably furnished. Each one is air-conditioned and equipped with television, satellite and minibar. There are essentials such as bathroom with a shower and toilet in our rooms. There is free wifi zone in our guest-house. There is also a possibility of adding an extra bed or child’s bed.
  • 3 Student`s menu for 2,90 €
    There is a student´s menu prepared for all students in RISTORANTE PIZZERIA TOSCANA just for 2,90€. It includes soup, main dish (pizza, pasta, salad, meat, fried cheese, pancakes, tiramisu)! And also special beer and alcohol price 1,20€ with a juice or kofola. The offer takes a place daily between 2,30pm and midnight with a valid student card. This offer includes two services: Ristorante Pizzeria Toscana, Dolnozoborská 70, Nitra and Ristotante Pizzeria Toscana, Kupecká 2, Nitra.
  • 4 Food delivery
    Do you want to stay in or you just have no time? Would you like our pizza, pasta, meat, fish, desert or one of Slovak special dishes? Make a call then. Our food delivery will bring one of our specials right into your house, workplace or wherever you are. This service is available daily from 10am until 10pm (except Friday and Saturday – on these days we deliver food until 11pm). Telephone numbers for the food delivery service: +421 37 6513 333, +421 37 6511 222, +421 917 105 153, +421 902 065 265.
  • 5 Duck feast
    We invite everybody to spend The Duck Feast in our restaurant. Enjoy the duck broth soup with noodles, delicious baked duck, delicate duck liver, lokshas prepared in many different ways. We are looking forward to seeing you. Enjoy your meal!

Pensione Pizzeria Ristorante Toscana

True Taste of Italy


Drink menu


  toscana-teple-napoje  BEVANDE CALDE - HOT DRINKS

Espresso coffee

coffee 7g, sugar 9g


Espresso coffee with milk /A7/

coffee 7g, sugar 9g, milk 20g


Macchiato /A7/

milk coffee with whipped milk
Cappucino /A7/ 1,60€

Caffe latte /A7/

warm milk with coffee and whipped milk foam

Viennese coffee /A7/

coffee with whipped cream


Ice coffee /A7/

coffee with whipped cream and ice cream

Hot chocolate /A7/

25g chocolate, 1dl milk, 25g whipped cream

Tea with lemon

15g tea, 15g lemon, 9g sugar
whipped cream /A7/ 25g 0,30€
milk /A7/ 20g 0,20€
honey 20g 0,30€



Jack Daniels  0,04l  3,50€ 
Jim Beam 0,04l 2,50€ 
Johnie Walker 0,04l  2,50€
Ballantines 0,04l 2,50€
Jameson 0,04l 3,00€
Martell VS 0,04l 3,50€ 
Martell VSOP  0,04l  6,00€ 
Metaxa  0,04l  2,50€ 
KBS 0,04l  3,50€ 
Soberano  0,04l  1,50€ 
Karpat brandy  0,04l  1,50€ 
Jägermeister  0,04l  2,50€ 
Montenegro 0,04l  2,00€ 
Ramazzotti  0,04l  2,70€ 
Baileys  0,04l  2,50€ 
Limoncello  0,04l  2,50€ 
0,04l  1,20€ 
Becherovka  0,04l  1,50€ 
Fernet Stock /citrus 0,04l  1,50€ 
Bacardi rum 0,04l  2,00€ 
Tequilla Olmeca silver  0,04l  3,00€ 
Tequilla Olmeca gold  0,04l  3,00€ 
Finlandia 0,04l  2,00€ 
Beefeater gin  0,04l  2,00€ 
Grappa 0,04l  2,50€ 
Moravian Pear
0,04l  2,20€ 
Bošácka slivovitz
0,04l  2,00€ 
Spiš borovička  0,04l  2,00€ 


  toscana-pivo  BIRRE - PIVO

Zlatý Bažant - draft


Zlatý Bažant - draft
0,50l 1,80€

Zlatý Bažant

non alcoholic

0,33l 1,80€

Zlatý Bažant


0,33l 1,80€

Zlatý Bažant


0,33l 1,80€

Zlatý Bažant 10


0,50l 1,80€

Pilsner Urquell


0,50l 2,00€
Kruškovic 0,50l 1,80€


  toscana-vino  VINO, SPUMANTE - VÍNA a SEKTY

White wine 0,1l  0,80€
Red wine 0,1l 0,90€
Cinzano white
0,1l 2,00€
Cinzano red
0,1l 2,00€
Martini white
0,1l 2,00€
Martini red
0,1l 2,00€
Martini dry 0,1l 2,00€
Campari 0,1l 3,80€
Hubert sekt semi-sweet 0,75l 8,00€
Hubert sekt brut 0,75l 8,00€
Hubert sekt De Luxe 0,75l 10,00€


  toscana-pochutiny2  POCHUTINY K NÁPOJOM

Crisps  75g 2,00€
Peanuts 100g 2,00€
Pistachios 100g 3,00€
Almonds  50g 3,00€
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